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Twentieth Century Park:

 This Park is the center of Garfield’s recreational activities. It contains a long walking path, six softball fields, children’s play area, two lighted football/soccer field, and bocce courts. The park is located on Elizabeth Street.


Columbus Park:

Columbus Park

 This park contains a lighted baseball field used primarily by the Babe Ruth League. It also contains a monument to Christopher Columbus which is sponsored and maintained by UNICO of Garfield/Lodi.


 Jewell Street Sprayground:

 This facility located at the corner of Jewell Street and Lanza Avenue contains Garfield’s newest attraction. A children’s mini water park was opened in 2004 for more information click here.  The park also includes a large playground activity set with swings, slides and other activities for young children.


Dolphine Park:

Dolphine Park

 This facility contains small ball field which is used by the T-Ball League and for other sporting activities. It is located on Dolphine Parkway which is at the intersection of Lanza Avenue and Main Street.


Belmont Oval Park:

Belmont Oval Park

 This facility is located on Spring Street. Belmont Oval Park contains the Little League playing field with batting cages. It is also the location of a second baseball field and a soccer field. This park is our state of the art facility for Little League Baseball and our youth soccer leagues..


Malcolm Avenue Playground:

Malcolm Park

 This newly renovated park contains a children’s jungle gym with swings, a small pavilion for picnics and a paved area which includes some unique features. This is a pocket park located in a residential neighborhood. Activities are geared toward young children.


Lizette Street Playground:

Lizette Street Park

 This facility is located at the corner of Lizette Street and Oak Street. The park contains a small children’s jungle gym and a large open field. Future development of this park is anticipated.


Hobart Place Playground:

Hobart Place Park

 This neighborhood playground located at the corner of Hobart Place and Marsellus Place contains a small children’s jungle gym. This park is slated for future redevelopment.


 RiverFront Park:

  The new RiverFront park will be expanded to run along the river to the Post Ford Monument


Garden Court East Park:

 This neighborhood playground located at Garden Court East contains a small children's jungle gym for the residents.