Detective Division

The Garfield Police Department Detective Division is headed by Capt. Darren Sucorowski and supervised by Lieutenant Richard Uram and Sgt. Joseph Delaney. The Detective Division is comprised of three divisions; Criminal Investigations, Juvenile, and Internal Affairs. The current Officers assigned to the Detective Division are Det. Michael Latona, Det. Thomas La Mantia Jr., Det. Everett Garnto Jr., and Det. Sean Delahanty, Det. Dominie Carrifiello, Det.Bernard Montelbano and Det. Marc Amos.  

The Detectives are assigned to investigate various crimes including, homicide, sexual assault, burglary, thefts, frauds, prostitution, arson, narcotics and any other crime, which require further attention. The Detective Division also conducts background investigations on Police Candidates seeking employment with the Police Department. The Detective Division is also responsible for the registration of Megan's Law sex offenders who reside within the City. The Detective Division was involved in over 835investigations during the year 2012.

The Detective Division is also responsible for the investigation of complaints by citizens against the Police Department. Many of these complaints are based on a lack of understanding on proper Police procedures. The Garfield Police Department strives to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and welcomes comments from the public to the Internal Affairs Division.

The following officers are currently assigned to the Detective Division:
  1. Det. Michael Latona
  2. Det. Thomas LaMantia Jr.               
  3. Det. Sean Delahanty
  4. Det. Everett Garnto
  5. Det. Dominic Carrifiello
  6. Det. Bernard Montelbano
  7. Det. James Zangara
  8. Det. Marc Amos

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