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The Mayor and Council of the City of Garfield are served by the following officials who regularly attend Council Meetings and provide advice and guidance:
City Manager: Thomas Duch
A complete description of the responsibilities of the City Manager can be found here.
Finance Officer: Roy Riggitano
Mr. Riggitano is the Finance Officer of the City of Garfield. The Finance Department is located on the first floor of City Hall and includes a separate Payroll and Benefits Section. The Finance Officer is charged with completing the municipal budget, paying of all City bills, administration of grant funds, reviewing the annual audit, and implementing those recommendations made by the City Auditor.
City Clerk: Andrew J. Pavlica
A complete description of the responsibilities of the City Clerk can be found here.
City Engineer: Kevin Boswell
Boswell McClave Engineering of South Hackensack, New Jersey has provided engineering services to the City of Garfield since 1982. The City Engineer is responsible for all projects of any type requiring engineering or surveying services of any kind. The City Engineer provides professional plans and specifications for all projects including but not limited to road repaving, curb replacement, water line rehabilitation, sewer line repair and any major construction project undertaken by the City of Garfield. The City Engineer is currently working on plans and specifications for the rehabilitation of Well 1-A located at the corner of Outwater Lane and Midland Avenue, plans for the construction of a new water tank at Belmont Hill and the construction of a new Pump Station at the Garfield Waterworks property located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.
City Attorney: Bruno & Ferraro (Robert A. Ferraro, Esq.)
The City Attorney provides legal advice to the Mayor and Council at all Regular and Special Meetings. He is responsible for preparing Ordinances, changing current laws contained in the Code of the City of Garfield, and all new Ordinances for legislation proposed by the Governing Body. The City Attorney also reviews and approves all contracts for signature by the City Manager or the Mayor.
Special Labor Counsel John J. Lavin, Esq.
Mr. Lavin handles all personnel items concerning all unions and management employees of the City of Garfield, including labor negotiations, grievances and employee related issues. He also provides representation to the Mayor and Council if the City Attorney is not available.

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