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Color (Black, Brown, and Yellow, Orange)
Water discolored from rust has no health significance. Although it is safe to drink, it is understandable that people will find it aesthetically unappealing. Customers should avoid doing laundry until the discoloration clears.
Cloudy, Milky Color
Cloudy/milky water is usually caused by air dissolved in the water, suggest that you take a glass of cold water from the tap and set it on a flat surface. If the water begins to clear (from the bottom up) within a few minutes, it concludes that dissolved air is the cause of cloudy appearance.
Water Filters
We do not recommend the use of water filters in our service area. Our water meets all quality criteria established by the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency and needs no further treatment. Filters, if used need maintainance, according to manufacturer’s instructions in order to avoid bacterial growth and/or release of slugs of contaminants.
Water Sampling
Water provided to customers in our service area is thorough and frequently monitored for potential contaminants.
Water Quality Reports
Water Quality reports are prepared annually and sent by mail to the party responsible for the water billing for that property. Anyone who would like to review the Consumer Confidence Report can do so by looking at the bottom of the page.
Flushing of water mains, and fire hydrants is done to clean out our water pipelines by removing rust or sediment that may be present in the pipe. Rust, mostly iron and manganese, builds up all year and deposited on the inside of our water mains. These minerals are harmless, but as more and more people start watering their lawns, and turning on sprinkler systems, these minerals can become loose and end up in your water supply.

Our flushing program takes care of this problem in a few minutes, but can also create some problems for you, our customer. If you are running water when we are flushing, you could get some dirty water. If this does happen, you should not run your hot water or do any laundry. Turn on and run your cold water until the dirty water clears out of your pipes, then flush your hot water tank by opening the valve at the bottom of the tank. If you are doing laundry, do not dry these clothes. Washing these items again will normally take care of this problem.

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