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Water Repair Division:
413 Midland Ave Garfield, NJ
Phone: (973) 340-2000 x4222
Fax: (973) 478- 5921
Who is responsible for installation / maintenance of my water service line?
The property owner is responsible from the home to the curb box, for the valve before or after the meter. We own only the couplings and water meter.

We are also responsible from the curb box to the main line.

On any new construction, the property owner will be responsible to run the water line from the house to the main line. We however, will do the water tap.

Permits are required with the City of Garfield-Building Department before any work commences.

Does Garfield install /repair water service lines?
Garfield installs services lines from the curb box to the main at no charge to its customers.

Customers need to change their water line first from the house to the curb box. Excluded is any new construction.

Can I hire my own licensed plumber to install /repair my service line between the curb box and meter?
Yes you can hire your own plumber, however only type “K” copper pipe/ and or ductile iron pipe may be used.
Can Garfield recommend a plumber?
No. Call a few plumbers from the telephone book and request quotes and references.
How large a meter /water service do I need?
Garfield does not determine sizes. You can call a licensed plumber.
What if I see a potential problem?
Please call us at the water department we will check out the condition.
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