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Road Division:
413 Midland Ave Garfield, NJ
Phone: (973) 546-2200 x 4220
Garfield's Department of Public Works is divided into nine divisions: Administrative, Buildings and Grounds, Road The Road Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the CITY roadways. This includes at total of 57 miles of roadway. Maintenance includes street signs, pot hole repair, assisting Sewer and Water Divisions with closing holes at construction sites, plowing, leaf bag collection and street sweeping.

The following are the streets we paved in connection with Road Programs: FULL STORY.

Snow Plowing / Salting Procedures:
  • The Department of Public Works would like to advise all residents of their Snow Plowing and Street Salting procedures for the upcoming winter months.

    Once it starts to snow, the Road Department will dispatch salt trucks to begin salting the County Roads and the designated Emergency Snow Routes. After these roads are made safe and passable, the secondary roads will be salted, if it is deemed necessary. This decision will be made based upon continuing weather conditions. Roads will be plowed in the following order:

  • 1: County and Designated and Posted Emergency Snow Routes
  • 2: Emergency Services Buildings (Fire Houses, Ambulance Corps, Rescue Squad, etc)
  • 3: All secondary roads
  • 4: City Parking Lots


  • Each snowplow vehicle has been assigned a section to plow and will remain in that section until all roadways have been sufficiently cleaned. This may require the snowplow vehicle to make multiple passes on each street. City forces will be plowing each street from curb to curb during each snowfall. On occasion, due to the lack of areas between the sidewalk and curb, sidewalks and driveway aprons may become covered with snow that falls off the snowplow blade. City forces will not remove snow from any sidewalk or driveway apron in these instances. Please do not call the City Hall in this event. We regret this unfortunate inconvenience to any/all homeowners.
    ORDINANCE NO. 216 SNOW AND OTHER IMPEDIMENTS states the following:

    No person, firm or corporation, owner, tenant or occupant of any premises on any street shall throw, place or deposit any snow or ice into or upon any street in the City of Garfield

    Any violation of this Ordinance may result, upon conviction, in one (1) or more of the following penalties:

  • 1: A fine not to exceed $ 500.00
  • 2: Imprisonment not to exceed 90 days
  • 3: Community Service not to exceed 90 days


  • The Road Division has released their snow plowing / salting procedures to educate residents on how the City cleans up after a snow storm.

    Residents are reminded to shovel out fire hydrants that are on your property. This will help the Fire Department in the event of a fire on your street.