Tax Assessor:
Phone: (973) 340-2000 x4070
Our Role:
The primary function of the Assessor’s Office is to distribute the tax burden equitably to all property owners within the Municipality. This is accomplished by placing values on all properties within the district in accordance with N.J.S.A 54;04.

Other functions of the Assessors Office include maintaining ownership records of all properties within the City and the gathering and analysis of information, in regards to building values, land values, neighborhood trends and general market conditions.

In conjunction with the State of New Jersey this office also administrates property tax deductions for qualified Senior Citizens or Surviving Spouse, Disabled Person, Veteran or Surviving Spouse, Disabled Veteran or Surviving Spouse of a Disabled Veteran.

Tax Assessor:
Jamie Tighe
Assessing Clerk:
Leane Surma
Important Documents/Updates:

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