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Municipal Court/Violations Bureau:
111 Outwater Lane Garfield, NJ
Phone: (973) 340-2000 x5570
The Garfield Municipal Court / Violations Bureau is located in Garfield City Hall, 111 Outwater Lane, Garfield, New Jersey. If anyone wishes to contest a ticket, they must call Garfield Violations at the number above for a Court date. The Court date listed on the front of the ticket is a due date to pay for the ticket. Payment can be made on the internet at

In order to service the community of Garfield with its diversified population, the Garfield Municipal Court now has on staff a Polish speaking clerk and a Spanish speaking clerk. All clerks can assist the public in the Violations Department that have matters regarding Traffic Tickets or criminal matters before going to Court. Anyone that needs to have an interpretor when they appear in Court must first call the Court at (973) 340-2000 x4051 to arrange for an interpretor to be present.

For information and forms please visit:

Hours of Operation:
Municipal Court: Every Tuesday 9:30 AM &
Every Wednesday 4:00 PM

There are no night-time Court sessions.
Closed on holidays.
No weekend phone service.

Violations Bureau: 8:30 AM - 4 PM; Monday to Friday
Krystyna Moskal x4050
Sandra Marriner x4053
Kennia Jiminian x4052
Laura Stanchfield x4051
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