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Parking Ticket Information:
111 Outwater Lane Garfield, NJ
Phone: (973) 340-2000 x5570
Alternate Side Parking Tickets:
Garfield has an Alternate Side Street Parking Program. This program is used for street sweeping, snow removal, leaf removal and any road work needed to be done by Garfield Department of Public Works. Any questions as to whether any tickets will be issued, please call the Garfield Police Department at (973) 478-8500.

If a car is disabled, please put a sign in the front and back of the car AND contact the Garfield Police Department advising of the location of the car.

If anyone wishes to contest an Alternate Side Parking Ticket, you must call or email the court to get a date to be put on the court calendar.

Please check your street signs for the correct days and times of Alternate Side Parking. If any signs are unclear, please call the police department.

Resident Parking Ticket:
The City of Garfield has a Resident Parking Sticker Program. Residents of Garfield must get Parking Stickers for all their cars in order to park overnight on any street. Any out-of-town guests must call the Garfield Police Department every night their car is on the street and they will be put on a courtesy list. If a Garfield resident is using a car without a sticker for temporary reasons, they must also call the Garfield Police Department at:
(973) 478-8500.

For more information about parking stickers, visit the Parking Stickers Department.